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Make your Latvia travel a safe and sound journey with some tips in mind. Travel to Latviawould be an experience worth a lifetime, so during travel Latvia stick to some of the following tips:

  • Entry : To travel Latvia the following documents are required: passport or identification card, visa or residential permit, health and life insurance. A passport valid for at least three months after the planned stay in Latvia is required.
  • Currency: Cash is in wide circulation though credit cards are accepted in hotels, restaurants, shops and cafes, ATMs can be found at ease.
  • Traffic : Visitors to Latvia planning to use a motor vehicle are required to obtain an International Driving Permit.Vehicles drive on the right-hand side of the road with seatbelts a must at all times. Hitching is fairly common between major centers and holiday destinations; you should offer to make a contribution towards petrol.
  • Tipping : Taxi fares and restaurant bills usually include a tip but it is customary to give a little extra for good service.
  • Public rules : Handshaking on meeting is customary in the country with other normal courtesies. The Latvians are somewhat reserved and formal, but nevertheless very hospitable. They are proud of their culture and visitors should take care to respect this sense of national identity.
  • Prohibited items : Narcotics; guns and ammunition.
  • Electricity : The power supply voltage in Latvia is 220V, 50Hz, European-style 2 pin plugs.
  • Clothing: Light- to mediumweights is worn during summer months. Medium- to heavyweights are needed during winter. Rainwear is advisable all year.
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