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Are you want to know About Latvia ? Latvia is one of Northern Europe's most exciting places hidden away from the world's view for over half a century by the Soviet occupation. Prior to the occupation, Latvia was one of the most dynamic parts of Europe with exciting possibilities. After the collapse of the Soviet system, Latvia is struggling to regain its strength and place in the world.

Facts About Latvia there is a lot to do and see from the untouched nature to the historic buildings belonging to the Latvia History eras. You can also see elements of the Soviet leftovers. There are many places to visit and not a lot of information available to allow you to plan for your visit. Latvia, an ancient Baltic land, was controlled over the centuries by many factions, including the wide-reaching Russian empire of Catherine the Great. After centuries of regional revolution and war, it finally gained its independence when the former Soviet Union broke apart in 1991. It quickly embraced the west, joined the United Nations, and began a rebuild of its economic base.

Facts About Latvia its a small, flat country nestled between its neighbors Estonia and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea, Latvia is a country whose picturesque towns and ancient cities are set within a landscape of plains, lakes, forests and river valleys, and where fishing villages interrupt the dramatic coastline that is interspersed with white sandy beaches. The country has numerous manor houses, medieval castles, photogenic palaces and ruins, and Riga, the beautiful capital, is rich in history and culture, boasting the best concentration of Art Nouveau buildings in Europe. The city also contains a diversity of other architectural styles, and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Thus Riga is a popular tourist destination and is the largest city in the Baltic states, a major port that is home to almost half the country's population. Nearby, the Baltic health and recreation resort of Jurmala, with its sandy beaches, healing waters and mud baths, and quaint wooden houses is a hot destination.

All about Latvia shows that historical interests of the tourists would be met with the ancient cities of Valmiera, Cçsis and Limbaþi in the northern region. There are the picturesque, cultural towns of the Abava River Valley and the villages of the ancient Liv people in the south. The Rundale Palace, is a popular tourist attraction along with the spectacular Baroque palace at Jelgava in the central region of Zemgale.

Visitors who are eager to have some outdoor fun can enjoy the natural surroundings in the Latgale region, the Land of Blue Lakes; the coastal landscape of the Kurzeme region, where desolate beaches stretch for miles; and the coastline and hilly scenery of the northern Vidzeme region, which also is home to Sigulda, the country's downhill skiing area.

Latvian climate is temperate, with a lot of temperature variations. Summer Latvian climate is warm with relatively mild weather in spring and autumn. Winter Latvian climate, which lasts from November to mid-March, can be very cold. Rainfall is distributed throughout the year with the heaviest rainfall in August. Snowfall is common in the winter months for Latvia.

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