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Latvia Riga Weather | Riga Latvia Tourism

"The Paris of the Baltics" This is what many people in the region called Riga latvia between the two world wars, when the Latvian capital was celebrated for its lively nightlife and progressively cultural scene. Also Riga latvia has become famous as the 'Paris of the North'. Riga latvia is the capital of Latvia with a population of around 800,000. It is the metropolitan centre of not only the country, but the whole Baltic region. map of riga latvia city is on the River Daugava about 15 km from its entrance into the Gulf of Riga. Riga was formally founded in 1201 when the German bishop Albert built his castle on the site of a pre-existing Livonian settlement.

The strategic position of map of riga latvia has always helped latvia as a trading centre and link between East and West. It became particularly important during the 14th and 15th centuries as a member of the powerful Hanseatic League. Riga has emerged into a cosmopolitan capital. Gleaming renovated buildings and huge business centers create a modern mega polis look. The city is well known for its architectural and cultural values and developed infrastructure. riga latvia tourist guide  will provide information of a lot of cultural events that are happening in its theaters, concert halls, art-galleries and museums. Riga Latvia has developed to be the largest center of education and sciencewith a large number of international exhibitions, scientific conferences and seminars that take place in Riga every year.

Latvia riga weather is not as harsh as many people imagine. Spring and summer days are often blessed with mild daytime temperatures and long hours of daylight. The latvia riga weather is temperate.

Riga Latvian tourism is a fast growing industry in Latvia. The Latvian capital is an amazing place for tourism, vacations and for business visits as well. Riga Latvian tourism has more big-city attractions than any other city in the Baltic States. Riga has excellent air, rail and road connections, which makes it a major tourist attraction in the country. Riga is rich in history, culture and diverse entertainments. Visitors can admire buildings of remarkable Gothic, Baroque, Classicism and Art Nouveau architecture. This variety and richness of styles has been recognized by experts of the United Nations Organization and in 1997 the Central part of Riga was included into the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Riga Latvian tourism is popular for the symbol of Latvian independence and Riga’s major landmark is the Freedom Monument. Standing on the main Brivibas Iela (street) it can be seen from far away, its three stars held far above the trees of the central parks. In the cultural field Riga is famous for its world class opera house. The annual Riga International Opera Festival and Baltic Ballet Festival take place there. Riga hosts various other international cultural festivals in music, dance, film, theatre, poetry and art, while a wealth of museums and galleries offer plenty to interest culture lovers.

The capital city riga latvia as an elegant city with a wide range of classy restaurants, trendy bars, tea rooms, cabaret venues, quality shopping and people that takes pride in individual and collective appearances. Riga has something for everybody.

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